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Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

Have you received some sort of scam emails in the past month, be it through your personal email or work email? Such scam emails come in all shapes and sizes, but the ultimate goal of the attacker is to get your money out of the scam!

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps to protect your organisation from such cyber attacks. It provides protection in three areas:

1. Phishing emails 

ATP detects when someone attempts to impersonate your users and your organization’s domains.

2. Malicious email attachments

ATP checks to see if email attachments are malicious, and then takes action to protect your organization.


3. Malicious links in emails

ATP helps to protect your organization by providing time-of-click verification of URLs in email messages and Office documents.

If your organization is already on Office 365, you can add Advanced Threat Protection to selected Office 365 plans to protect your users and organization from phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. It costs S$2.65 per user per month.


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See how Advanced Threat Protection works to fight impersonation-based attacks.

O365 ATP Bundle

For 25 users

  • 1 Year Subscription of ATP for 25 Users

  • ATP Set Up Guide

  • Create and Fine-tune ATP Policies 

  • 1-Hr End User Training

            - What to look out for​

            - What not to do

            - What to do

            - How ATP can protect users and organisation

Investment: S$1,195

Here's a presentation we've created to educate people on Cyber Attacks.


Download and share this deck with your peers to increase their awareness of Cyber Threats and how to prevent damage.