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We empower your company to make better, faster decisions by leveraging Microsoft’s trusted hybrid and cloud portfolio – including SQL Server, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft R, Power BI and IoT Suite – to create rich offerings that transform data into insights. 

Areas of focus for digital transformation is optimizing your operations, improving utilization, sales process, products and customer interaction. One of technology disruptors like the Internet of Things (IoT) which is accelerating at a rapid pace is used to improve utilization of resources, improve operations for various industries. With IoT, it is possible to integrate technology in your product and services.

Rethinking how to optimize operations and improve utilization involves the following steps:

  •     Harness technology for next level of efficiencies

  •     Use digital platforms to reduce delivery timeframe

  •     Test new products and services at a fraction of the cost

  •     Anticipate and solve customer or product issues.

Using Predictive Analytics in the sales process allows you to catch the “curve” when the customer will be at the most compelling times to make a purchase or use your services. This allows a company to create a more accurate pipeline which will hit the quotas.

Transforming products and services with data and integrated cognitive technologies

The opportunity to embed software and technology directly into products and services because company is now a data company. Companies will need to create connected services and generate insights to see what can be monetized to unlock new business models.

Rethinking how to make your business thrive:

  • Take Action using business analytics

    • Evolve ahead of your competitors by building advanced analytics and machine learning into your business applications


  • Innovate using intelligent agents

    • Get closer to your customers and understand them better by building solutions that see, hear, and interpret the natural world


  • Stay agile and achieve value quickly

    • Gain a head start using preconfigured solution templates or by choosing from industry-specific partner solutions

  • Scale up analytics with peace of mind

    • Deliver cloud-based security while easily managing complex data streams as your business needs continue to grow

 Microsoft technologies and services for Data Intelligence and IoT which Gill Technologies will utilize include:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Suite  - Capture and analyze untapped data to improve business results for improving operations, utilization, products and customer interactions and awareness

  • Big Data Stores - Store and manage structured data using Azure SQL Data Warehouse that elastically scales with massively parallel processing. Implement a hyper-scale repository with no file size limits for unstructured data using Azure Data Lake Store to attain massive throughput and analytic performance.

  • Machine learning and analytics - Design and publish predictive models with Azure Machine Learning, use Azure HDInsight to analyze data in Storm and Spark for Hadoop environments, integrate your code from R or Python, and analyze any kind or any size of data you need with Azure Data Lake Analytics and Azure Stream Analytics. Plus, use Microsoft Power BI to create rich visualizations that bring your data to life.

  • Power BI - A suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization to create a unique, 360-degree view of customer’s business.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - bring people, data, and processes together with intelligent business applications that help you manage and run your entire business while better engaging customers.

  • Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite - which includes Advanced Analytics and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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