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Enterprise Mobility & Security

Keep your employees productive and secure on their favorite apps and devices — and their company data protected — with Enterprise Mobility + Security solutions from Microsoft.

Office 365 is a powerful platform and a critical step in your organization’s digital transformation. You can derive great business value from uncompromised productivity with cloud powered tools that give your users the freedom to work from anywhere, using any device. The fundamental management and security capabilities built into Office 365 are designed to give you control without disrupting the end user experience. As you deploy Office 365, you must extend these robust management and security capabilities to your broader digital ecosystem for a comprehensive and holistic security strategy. These ecosystems include the following:

1. Identity and Access Management

Helping our customers to protect their identities and data. A practice that helps our customers identify breaches and threats using behavioral analysis and provides actionable insights while ensuring they have a sound approach to manage users and groups, and secure access to on premises and cloud apps

2. Managed Mobility Productivity

Manage and protect corporate apps and data. Provide our customers with mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management (MAM), and PC management capabilities. Enable employees with access from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure


3. Information Protection

Keep company data secure across employees, partners, and customers. Reduce the risk of data loss, vulnerabilities, and compromises while enabling safe sharing with anyone by maximizing secure behavior with minimal user friction. All this while enabling our customers to better manage and monitor their data.

Securing productivity, collaboration and enterprise data is critically important as organizations digitally transform.

As you continue to diversify your digital ecosystem, you’ll need a comprehensive solution to manage and secure access for everything. A single, unified identity for each user is critical. Use EMS to connect your current on-premises identity investments to your SaaS and on premises workloads and establish one identity for each of your users. With one identity, you can anchor security and productivity for your entire application portfolio. EMS provides strategic capabilities to help you realize digital transformation: secure access, mobile management, and advanced security. EMS is the best way for customers to solve the challenge data, identity, and devices bring to the modern business, and it’s designed to work with Office 365, empowering secure mobile productivity across devices. It helps protect information and keep businesses safe from threats.


Microsoft EMS includes the following as part of our practice:

• Microsoft Azure Active Directory – a product which provides enterprise-grade identity and access management for nearly any app or device, cloud or on-premises. It delivers single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, self-service passwords, and more.

• Microsoft Intune – a cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution that helps you control employee access to corporate applications and data on virtually any device, including PCs and mobile devices.

• Azure Information Protection – a comprehensive encryption, identity, and authorization policy solution designed to secure corporate files and email across phones, tablets, and PCs. 

• Advanced Threat Analytics - provides automated behavioral analytics that helps identify suspicious activities and advanced threats in near real time, with simple, actionable reporting.

• Cloud App Security - Whether or not you’re in the cloud, your employees are. Bring the security of your on-premises systems to your cloud applications—both approved and unapproved—for deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and enhanced protection against cloud security issues


EMS is specifically designed to provide the best possible user experience, mobile productivity, and security for Office 365. 

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