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Having the right people and organisation culture is one of the contributing factors to achieving your business goals. Hence, increasing employee productivity should be at the forefront of any successful business strategy.

By 2020, Millennials will account for over 50% of workers - they seek more open collaborative workspaces, a greater sense of purpose and a deeper connection to their company's mission.

People are asking for more touchdown spaces, instead of traditional offices, where they can easily interact and work with one another. And they want the option to work remotely, anywhere, at any time. To do this, they need the tools and digital workspaces to communicate, access their data and stay productive. 

And of course, the security risks have also changed dramatically. On the one side, there's pressure to have open flow of information to drive productivity and teamwork. And on the other side, it's as critical as ever to protect your estate because threats today are complex, use advanced social engineering and target everyone in an organization. 

The right use of technology, with proper guidance and understanding, can empower your employees to do their best work efficiently, thereby increasing productivity and growth for the organization.

  • OUTLOOK is where teams can communicate in a familiar place and can easily create modern distribution lists with groups in Outlook

  • SHAREPOINT is for keeping content at the centre of teamwork, making files, sites and all types of content easily shareable and accessible across teams

  • OFFICE APPS enables co-authoring in familiar apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • TEAMS is the hub for teamwork where groups that actively engage and are working on core projects can connect and collaborate

  • YAMMER is for people to connect across their company, sharing ideas on common topics of interest 

With these tools coming together in Microsoft 365, employees get a holistic solution that facilitates efficient collaboration among teams, boosting productivity.

On top of that, Microsoft 365 has intelligence built-in whether it's AI to drive user creativity or to help secure and manage the environment. 

  • Office 365 Groups - A membership service providing a single identity for teams across Office applications and services

  • Microsoft Graph - Suite-wide intelligence that maps the connection of people and content to surface insights

  • Security and Compliance - Proactive security that simplifies IT management with intelligence built-in


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Microsoft 365 meets the diverse needs of teams with an integrated solution that is secure. It is a universal toolkit for effective teamwork.