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In modern-day organisations, employees access company data from multiple devices and no longer just from the office computer. It is becoming increasingly common for employees to access company email and files from personal mobile devices, and personal computers when working from home. 

It is important to keep these end user devices in check and in good order.

End user devices that run on outdated or un-patched operating systems are easy targets for cyber attackers to gain control over and use them for malicious intents. Such devices are also prone to system issues that lead to reductions in user productivity. 

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We Keep Your End User Devices Up To Date And Secure.


We Safeguard Your Data, Even On Personal Devices.

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  1. Includes the use of a Central Device Management System

  2. Includes the protection of users against phishing attacks & malicious emails

  3. Includes a centrally managed anti-virus program

  4. Includes unlimited support calls & emails

  5. Includes onsite resolution, if required

  6. Includes end user training on relevant topics