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In today’s organizations, employees toggle between working from home and the office. A single user may access company data from three different devices – her office computer, home computer and her personal mobile phone.

If an employee can access company data from a device, a malicious hacker will be able to gain the same access if the device becomes compromised.

There have been high profile cases where confidential company data has been stolen in this way. The SingHealth Data Breach Incident that happened in 2018 is one good example. A snippet from the article tells us that the hacker’s source of entry is a front-end workstation, which is an end user’s computer!

Today's Organizations Must Prepare Themselves For Work-From-Home Scenarios To Ensure Business Continuity

Was your business able to continue operating during the circuit breaker period?

Could your employees continue working from home?

Was there a disruption in your delivery of products or services?

All these questions will help determine the actions you need to take to prepare your business for the post COVID-19 landscape. Use the diagram below and check if your organization has all the "must-haves" to ensure business continuity.

As the new way of doing business evolves, new forms of cyberthreats are sure to follow. Hence, make sure you refresh your IT management strategies to combat this. 

Here's A Great Solution

For You

For S$38 per user per month, you get your end user computers fully managed, periodically updated, and actively protected against virus and malware. Your users will also be guarded against cyberthreats that come from phishing emails, malicious email attachments and links.

End user devices will be joined to a cloud-based Device Management System and configured to a standard baseline configuration. Our focus will be to keep devices compliant to a certain security and operational baseline. For example, “Is the Windows Firewall turned on?”, “Is the guest account disabled for remote access?”, “Are the latest Microsoft updates installed?”.

This will ensure that the device is always compliant to holding corporate data or using the device to access corporate data.

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  1. Includes the use of a Central Device Management System

  2. Includes the protection of users against phishing attacks & malicious emails

  3. Includes a centrally managed anti-virus program

  4. Includes unlimited support calls & emails

  5. Includes onsite resolution, if required

  6. Includes end user training on relevant topics

  7. Supports Windows & Apple computers, iPads, iPhones & Android Mobile Phones

  8. Supports both company-owned & personal-owned computers