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Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard your business.


It is a consolidated offering of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS).


Microsoft 365 Business is a comprehensive, cloud-based security solution that lets you:

  • Defend your business against advanced cyber threats with sophisticated phishing and ransomware protection.

  • Control access to sensitive information by using encryption to keep data from being accidentally shared with someone not authorized to see it.

  • Secure the devices that connect to your business and help keep your data on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices secure, and your Windows devices up to date.

  • Microsoft 365 Business is fully integrated with Office 365 to provide you with familiar location for administration, billing, and 24 x 7 support. It consists of enterprise-grade technology built for businesses with less than 300 employees.

Who is Microsoft 365 Business for?

Microsoft 365 Business is for organizations who have these characteristics:

  • Super pro cloud

  • Have 300 users or less

  • ​IT Managers want to do less firefighting and be enabled with tools to manage their IT environment.

  • Users use these devices for work:​

    • Windows 7/8/10 Pro Laptops & Desktops

    • Mac Laptops & Desktops​

    • Android Mobile Phones​

    • iPhones​

    • iPads

  • Organization has a need to archive mailboxes of an unlimited size for an unlimited duration of time.

  • Organization wants to protect their business and users from emails containing malicious attachments, links and impersonations.

  • Organization wants a modern and effective collaboration platform.

  • Organization wants to enable single-sign-on for devices and applications.

  • Organization wants to enforce multi-factor authentication for accessing emails and documents.

  • Organization wants to enable users to carry out self-service password reset.

  • Organization has no on-prem Active Directory OR Organization has an on-prem Active Directory with AD Connect installed.


What's included in Microsoft 365 Business?

Microsoft 365 Business comes with a whole suite of capabilities that boosts productivity, security, device management, data insights and modern business functionalities.  

Microsoft Product
Get Office apps on 5 tablets and 5 phones
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
Get Office apps that you can install on your desktop and access from the web
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher (PC only) and Access (PC only)
Get 1TB of personal files storage per licensed user
OneDrive for Business
Get enterprise-grade email (50GB), calendar and contact
Exchange Online
Get the ability to make online meetings (instant messaging, audio & video chat & conferencing)
Teams / Skype for Business Online
Get a chat-based workspace & collaboration hub that contains all your conversations, files, documents, meetings & ideas together in one place.
Protect your business from phishing attacks, unsafe attachments & suspicious links.
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Protect your business from sophisticated malware
Windows Defender Exploit Guard
Prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people.
Azure Information Protection
Protect your company data on BYOD mobile devices
M365 Admin Center, Intune
Get an online appointment, scheduling tool which you can embed anywhere - on your website, social media, email, etc.
Microsoft Bookings
Get Preservation, Compliance, Archiving capabilities with continuous data backup that is accessible anytime and anywhere.
Data Loss Prevention, Exchange Online Archiving
Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices
M365 Admin Center, Intune
Enjoy the ease of self-service PC deployment
Windows AutoPilot
Get simplified controls to manage Windows 10 PCs
M365 Admin Center, Intune
Enjoy auto-installation of Office apps on Windows 10 PCs
M365 Admin Center, Intune
Enjoy always up-to-date Office + Windows 10
M365 Admin Center, Intune
Get upgraded to Windows 10 Business from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Pro
Windows 10 Business
Manage and protect identities with multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset and conditional access.
Azure Active Directory
Get Windows Virtual Desktop & Office Shared Computer Activation capabilites
Windows 10 Business

How much is Microsoft 365 Business?

S$20.72 per user per month (promo rate billed annually)

S$25.96 per user per month (billed annually)

S$26.46 per user per month (billed monthly)

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