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Microsoft 365
Productivity Workshops

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#1 Discovery Workshops
  • Aimed at helping the target audience identify relevant pain points or use cases from their point of view.

  • This should map the pain points or use cases with Microsoft 365 solutions.

  • At the end of the Discovery Workshop, we should know which Microsoft 365 productivity components are relevant to the organisation.

#2 Ideation Workshops
  • Aimed to equip the target audience with in depth knowledge of the relevant Microsoft 365 components.

  • This workshops aims to get the target audience to address organisation-wide pain points or use cases using Microsoft 365 solutions. 

  • At the end of the Ideation Workshop, we should have developed the “organisation-wide Work Norms”.

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#3 Solutioning Workshops
  • These workshops allow the target audience to gain in depth knowledge of the M365 components in focus based on the org-wide Work Norms.

#4 Follow-up Clinics
  • These follow-up clinics allow target audience to clarify doubts and close gaps.

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