Microsoft 365 - Where to Start a Conversation?

I would like to share an excellent post by Daniel Chang, a BG Lead at Microsoft who is passionate about helping customers to use Office 365 to achieve more.

...... When should Teams be used? When should Yammer be used?

This post aims to provide some guidance on when each feature in Office 365, specifically Teams, Yammer, Outlook, SharePoint & Office Apps, should be used for the task at hand.

"Should I share a message via Skype for Business instead of Yammer or Teams?"

"Should I share a file thru Outlook instead of Yammer or Teams?"

Choice is good, but too much choice has been a problem.

Earlier last week at Ignite, Microsoft announced the plan to phase out gradually Skype for Business in favor of Microsoft Teams.

In the recent Microsoft 365 Summit, Ron Markezich shared a slide that helped to clarify this question - Where to start a conversation?

Check out the original post by Daniel Chang here.

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