Introducing Microsoft 365 Education

Millions of teachers and students already love and use free Office 365 for Education to communicate and collaborate with each other every day. There are no changes being made to this existing free offer (Office 365 A1).

Microsoft 365 Education builds on that foundation, offering customers advanced communications, management and security features, as well as education-specific products and tools, all for a low cost. There are two levels of Microsoft 365 Education suite (A3 and A5), each combining Office 365 with Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows, as well as Minecraft: Education Edition. Both of these plans include the server and CAL benefits that many education customers are used to. You get the productivity server and CALs as well as System Center rights.

This new offering makes it easy for customers to move to the cloud and includes free software for students when institutions license their faculty and staff.

Microsoft 365 Education

The current free cloud offering for education customers is Office 365 A1. Many education customers purchase the “Education Desktop” to supplement the free cloud offering.

The table below provides a comparison of the products and benefits included in “Office 365 A1 + Education Desktop”, “Microsoft 365 A3” and “Microsoft 365 A5”.

Comparison table of Office 365 A1 and Education Desktop, Microsoft 365 A3 and Microsoft 365 A5

To be eligible for free student use benefit licenses for Microsoft 365 A3 and A5, institutions have to license all of their knowledge workers. Check out my blog post on student use benefit licenses for more info.

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