Showcase: Endpoint Device Management for 25 Users

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Client's Requirements:

  • Client had restructured their organization and had to find a new IT management strategy for one of the carved out business units.

  • The existing administrative tools were dated and there were complications with using the same IT tools and resources to manage different business units.

Background Info:

  • The carved out business unit consisted of 25 users based out of Singapore and New Zealand.

  • Pre COVID-19, 7 of the 25 users were frequently working remotely, outside of the usual office location.

  • Post COVID-19, majority of the users worked from home.

  • The organization uses 2 to 3 cloud applications for their business operations.

  • Confidential company data is stored in 1 to 2 cloud apps.

  • As this was a publicly listed company, they were exposed to a significantly higher amount of phishing attacks delivered to the end users through emails.

Our Proposed Solution:

  • Based on the background info, it was clear that the endpoints (made up of end user computers, laptops, mobile phones and user identities) were the most vulnerable to cyber attacks.

  • As an overall strategy, we targeted to move client's device health states from the current "Reporting/Reactive" state to "Device Health with AAD CA and Intune" state as shown in image 1.

Device Health States
Image 1: Targeted Device Health State


The following Device Management Approach was executed:

  1. All devices were enrolled into Intune, a central cloud-based Device Management Platform.

  2. Devices are configured to meet the organization’s security and health standards.

  3. Non-compliant devices are flagged, and appropriate actions are taken to bring the devices back into compliance. (See image 2)

  4. From the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph (see Image 3), we detect potential vulnerabilities and threats.

  5. Office 365 ATP is deployed to protect users against malicious phishing emails & emails with bad links and attachments. See sample report on ATP.

[SAMPLE] Advanced Threat Protection Repo
Download • 697KB

Device Compliance List from Intune
Image 2: List of Devices

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph
Image 3: Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph


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