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Unlocking the Power of Teamwork: Key Factors for Successful Workplace Collaboration

I polled the audience at the event yesterday and asked: Here is the map of the Singapore MRT Lines. Which do you think are the valuable stations? To which, a gentleman from the crowd said, "The Circle Line".

Me: And why's that?

The gentleman from the crowd: It connects all the other lines together.

Me: 😊 (feeling happy with the response)

At the event organised by #NetAssist yesterday, I was given the opportunity to share my ideas on achieving effective collaboration at the workplace. From my training experience, most organisations have the tools and have provided trainings to help users adopt such tools. However, what’s lacking (and this may just be a game changer) is the establishment of formal work norms that provides the guidance on which tool to use, for what business use case, etc. Having an org-wide work norm helps to put everyone on the same page when it comes to the “how” in collaborating.

This year, I want to inspire people to collaborate in a way that is both effective and genuine, to achieve better outcomes at the workplace. This means defining work norms that guide everyone towards the same desired way of working (work culture). We do this by using the collaboration tools that come with your Microsoft 365 plans (tech) and delivering it to the people via workshops and clinics (user adoption).

Establish work culture + Increase user adoption + Maximize investment in tech

= Better outcomes at the workplace

Credits to:

EePing Neo, Irene Hang, Mary Lee for hosting the "Do More Work Less" event at Microsoft;

And Seth Godin for his inspirational talks.

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