Should I Manage My Devices Using SCCM or Intune?

Core Difference of SCCM & Intune

SCCM is all about the client. The SCCM client is built to push onto the device and then there is the SCCM infrastructure that controls the client. Intune is mostly talking over protocols to devices that you can't really install agents on.

Problems Solved by SCCM & Intune

SCCM has an unbelievable amount of infrastructure built into it to solve corporate WAN network topology situations. The problems that Intune was built to solve is different from the problems in infrastructure that SCCM was built to solve.

What is Intune?

Intune is part of an all-up Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite that incorporates identity, device management and the productivity services that come with Office 365. Intune uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Intune is all about enabling people to get at their corporate information while keeping their corporate information protected.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Why is There a Need for Intune?

There has been a fundamental transition happening in the market.

Many years ago, Corporates have an intranet and corporate resources sit behind that perimeter in their intranet. Their devices effectively joined into that perimeter. They have domain-joined PCs that have access to that corporate information because they are positioned within that perimeter. Even mobile device management technics were about using VPN or other tunnelling mechanisms to make it seem like that internet-facing mobile device was actually a part of that perimeter.

Now, with Office 365, corporate data and corporate applications are really on internet-facing services. Devices are internet-facing devices. More companies move away from intranet-style networks to more open internet-connected-style networks.

If you no longer have perimeters to protect data and devices, what do you do?

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) was created to protect data and enable productivity in this world without perimeters. Only devices that are well managed or applications that are well managed can get access to your corporate resources and services.

When Should You Use SCCM and When Should You Use Intune to Managed Devices?

Here is a high-level checklist to help you determine if SCCM or Intune is what you need.

Checklist to help you determine if SCCM or Intune is what you need

Next Steps

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