Identify the gaps in your business

Gaps that, when addressed, will change the state of your business from striving to thriving.


serves 2 roles in every company



  • Needed by all businesses and carried out by all businesses

  • IT resources used by people in the company to keep the business operational

  • Has the potential to bleed the business of inefficiencies

  • Needed by all businesses but carried out by some businesses only

  • IT resources used by people in the company to bring about a positive life-changing impact to the business

  • Has the potential to change the state of a business from striving to thriving


As with every organisation,

time and people resources are finite. 

If you spend more time on operational activities, you will be left with less time to spend on transformational activities. However, if you find ways to spend less time on operational activities, you will find more time to spend on transformational activities.


Which scenario describes your organisation now?

Operational Services

We manage your endpoint security posture

We manage your servers, business apps & office network

We manage your cyber security

We manage your websites

We provide cloud hosting for your servers & apps

Transformational Services

Analyze & predict business performance through data

Automate & optimize your business processes

Empower your employees with effective collaboration

Modernize your systems & apps with cloud services

Discover how IT can transform your business 

About Us

At Gill Technologies, our mission is to help businesses identify the gaps that they don’t see in their businesses; gaps that, when addressed with the use of the right technology, will bring about positive life-changing effects to the business and the people working in it.


We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider & Authorized Education Partner based out of Singapore. We were founded based on the principals of bringing enterprise grade, cutting-edge technologies to small & medium size businesses (SMEs). We provide services to manage and transform IT for SMEs, by using modern Microsoft cloud technologies; keeping employees productive, safeguarding confidential company data, protecting against cyber threats, and providing business intelligence to business leaders. We believe that Technology is already here for whatever you want to achieve for your business.

We were incorporated in 2012 and founded by Mr. Sarbjit Singh, an 11-time MVP Award holder. To date, he leads the company in the capacity of CEO, providing strategic direction and foresight. 

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Completed Projects

  • Creation of Business Metrics Dashboard with Power BI

  • Implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Digitalization of Forms using PowerApps & SharePoint

  • Delivery of Training for Preparation of Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

  • Migration of Virtual Servers from AliCloud to GT Cloud

  • Enhancement & Support for a Proprietary Application Built on .Net Framework & SQL Database

  • Implementation of Aruba Wireless Access Points and Dell Switch

  • Migration & Hosting of Sysfreight from Azure to GT Cloud

  • Urgent Recovery of Active Directory & Exchange Server

  • Delivery of Office 365 Workshop

  • Delivery of Active Directory Workshop & Redesign of Active Directory

  • Implementation of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

  • Delivery of Microsoft Course MS 20773: "Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R" in Jakarta

  • Delivery of Microsoft Course MS 20774: "Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning" in Jakarta

  • Implementation of Office 365 & Migration of Mailboxes from Exchange On-Prem to Exchange Online

  • Implementation of Office 365 & Migration of Mailboxes from Qmail to Exchange Online

  • Delivery of Floorwalking Services on using OneDrive for Business & Skype for Business

  • Delivery of Classroom-style Training for End Users on Microsoft Teams

  • Delivery of Office 365 Readiness Assessment

  • Migration & Hosting of Web Server

  • Implementation of Barcoding Functionality using PowerApps

Our Clients

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